MDMC offers its members various activities throughout the year. Most of the activities are sponsored by the club and provide opportunities not only for mothers but for kids and sometimes for the entire family. If you are unsure of the club, join us at one of our Club Nights which is comprised of socializing, club business/announcements and either a guest speaker or a fun social activity. This is a great way to meet other moms and get a feel of the club. Visitors may also attend Mom's Night Out, Book Club or any of our many Playgroups to see what you think of the club and our awesome members! 


Monthly events include Club Night, Moms Night Out, Book Club, Fitness Club, Steering Meeting and several play groups, including the Itty Bitties group for expecting mothers and mom's of children under one. We also have at least one family social each month with fun activities like visits to local museums or attractions, seasonal events like visiting the pumpkin patch or 4th of July Parade and more! The club also publishes a monthly Newsletter that features articles by fellow members, info on the club’s upcoming events and updates on past events, toy/gadget reviews, crafts, recipes, book reviews, current playgroups and various articles on parenting, nutrition and family related issues.  The Club participates in various Community Outreach activities. These are usually kid friendly and provide an excellent avenue for educating kids on giving back to the greater community.

Sub Clubs

We have several sub clubs to meet the interests of our entire membership. We currently have a Book Club, Fitness Club, Itty Bitties for expecting moms and babies under one and Mom's Night Out. Do you enjoy scrap-booking or crocheting or making deserts? Then why not do it with others that also enjoy the activity, share ideas and get inspired?  Just start a new sub-club!!!


Another unique feature of our club is Mom Dins, where members volunteer to deliver meals to a new moms as they are busy adjusting to changes to life with a new baby. 

Seasonal Family Parties 

Throughout the year MDMC  hosts numerous social events for its members and their families. Our Spring Fling welcomes the Easter Bunny and an Easter egg hunt. Summer hosts the Annual Picnic complete with vendor fun activities like crafts, face painting, taco truck, and more!!  Our kids always look forward to the Halloween party at a local pumpkin farm where they can be part of a costume parade, enjoy goodies, crafts, rides and mazes. The club wraps up the year with a fabulous Holiday party. 

Community Outreach

Several times a year we partner local programs to provide volunteer hours, food/item drives and other outreach support. 

The Mount Diablo Mothers' Club is a non-profit organization. 
P.O. Box 184, Walnut Creek, CA,94596. (925)-927-2424 

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