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History of the club

The Mt. Diablo Mothers’ Club was started over 2 decades ago back in 1992.

In 1994 the club had 10 playgroups and that increased to 14 by 1996. The same year, MDMC also grew from 180 members at the beginning of the year to 300 members by October. The large volume of members created a huge burden on the volunteers that ran our group. So the directors decided to freeze membership and there was a waiting list to get in. A few moms decided to branch out and start more clubs, so in November 1996 at a meeting in a member moms backyard, the Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek Mother’s Club and the Lamorinda Mother’s Clubs were born.  These clubs started with just a few members and are now quite big. All because MDMC wanted to stay small so that it could continue to be the tight knit community that it was. Today we have about 145 members. The only requirement for membership is that you are a local mother of a child under the age of 5.

Many of the activities going on back in the 90’s were the same and some were different. There was an investing sub-club that no longer exists. The Scrap-booking, Babysitting Co-Op, and Plan-It Clubs come and go. The Hiking Club evolved into the Fitness Club. The Moms Night Out was created so that moms could take one night a month and have dinner and drinks with some girlfriends. The Mom Dins program has become streamlined, now using a website called MealTrain to coordinate and track meals for moms with new babies. We also have an annual summer camping trip!

In 2012, the club established a Facebook presence where we now have discussions and exchange information. Once you join through our website, you will have access to our main Facebook page as well as subgroups such as Book Club and Playgroups pages. We also use Wild Apricot, a website to keep track of membership and post club news, discussion, playgroups and and events. Today we cannot imagine the club without these great online social tools!

While many things have changed since the club was first established, one thing remains. We are just a bunch of moms that are going through a very special time in our lives who want support, friendship and socialization for ourselves and our children.  We hope you will join us!

The Mount Diablo Mothers' Club is a non-profit organization. 
P.O. Box 184, Walnut Creek, CA,94596. (925)-927-2424 

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